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Citizen Tops Clutch Annual List

Apr.30 /

Purpose: it’s a word that gets thrown around a lot in business. Companies have purpose, people have purpose, and even products have purpose. But when it comes to following through on that word, how many businesses actually live up to their grand statements of purpose, and can document their impact with measurable results?

Jun.03 /

As Sustainable Brands marks its 10th anniversary, many of us find ourselves in a reflective mood. We can recall the decade’s pivotal milestones like they were yesterday, as we also consider the challenges that lie ahead. Despite the countless amazing achievements and major advances in embracing sustainable practices among corporations, I am struck by the continued, widespread lack of visibility and business integration that exists between governing boards, shareholders, and their supply chains. They still seem to exist in different universes, which can’t be good for our economy- and even worse, I imagine, for our climate.  [...]

Jan.28 /

As the cd and a co-founder of San Francisco-based Citizen Group, Robin Raj fights the good fight. His nearly one-year-old shop works with clients including Amnesty International, the Natural Resources Defense Council and Rock the Vote, and believes being socially responsible and generating revenue can go hand in hand. Raj, 50, has been a partner at Collaborate and worked at DAWG, Foote, Cone & Belding, Hal Riney and Chiat\Day, but says his ultimate prize was having footage from Citizen’s Eyes on Darfur Web site used in a call-to-action presentation before the U.N. this past July [...]

Jan.28 /

So the circus has officially hit town, and we Bay Area residents are now bracing ourselves for the excitement, onslaught, and hoopla surrounding the biggest of big games. And while some are quick to dismiss the Super Bowl as nothing but moneyball writ large, or fear a looming ‘Bowl-agedeon’, this year there’s another story playing out that may not get the media attention it deserves. [...]

Feb.24 /

Imagine a future where there is no such thing as trash — there are only resources. Where residents of a large metropolitan region routinely reduce, reuse, recycle and reconsider their consumption patterns by imagining the opportunities that come from making wiser choices. Achieving that ambition may be a long way off, but if the City of Phoenix has anything to do with it, that future begins now — with a multi-pronged citywide strategy based on forming unique private-public partnerships and cross-sector collaboration. [...]

Oct.22 /

Our good friends at The Trust For Public Land recently shared with us this TED Talk by Dan Pollotta, author of “Uncharitable.” It’s important viewing for anyone who cares about the future of pro-social marketing, and by extension our future in general. It addresses the proverbial elephant in the room – how we as a society regularly put non-profit organizations at a severe competitive disadvantage at the very time we need them to solve large-scale social problems [...]