In today’s consumer-driven culture, there are brands. And there are brands. The best of these brands aspire to be part of the solution, not just part of the problem. The people behind them recognize that we live in an age of increasing transparency and increasingly conscious consumers – and they are inspired by it. They understand the value of the triple bottom-line – people, planet, profit – and the benefits that come from doing well by doing good. Increasingly they see the value of serving not just their shareholders, but all of their stakeholders.

They see the opportunity for consumerism and citizenship to meet head-on and, wonder of wonders, actually get along. They are testaments to the idea that the companies or organizations we choose to support can actually add value to the world, and contribute to our health, happiness, and overall well-being – through our business, investments, recreation, and everyday choices.  

Some brands go further and actually try to benefit the planet. Yet what they all share in common is that they are accountable for their actions. For them, corporate social responsibility (“CSR”) isn’t just an acronym. It animates all facets of their business. In other words, they walk the walk before they talk the talk. These are the brands we, Citizen®, are in business to help build.

We do it not just through top-down marketing, but through wide-ranging creative initiatives that shape change from the bottom-up. Change that gets under the skin by first getting under the hood. Change that excites and empowers a varied constituency. We do it by bringing together the disciplines of advocacy, entertainment, and marketing. And we do it by implementing community and network-based strategies that create goodwill at the grassroots.

We do it by not shying away from complexity, but by addressing its various moving parts. And we do it by bringing together like-minded companies and organizations around multi-sponsored initiatives. Most of all, we do it by executing ideas that are both artful and appropriate, and then ensuring our outcomes are measurable and effective.

We are dedicated to helping clients along the journey to becoming more “Citizen minded” with the recognition that change doesn’t happen overnight but through a series of small but achievable steps. Every journey is different.

If you believe in the power of a social brand – a Citizen brand – in today’s world – or simply believe it’s the right thing to do, we invite you to join us.

“Let the ruling classes tremble at a Citizen revolution.
We consumers have nothing to lose but our chains.
We have a world to win.

Citizens of all countries, Unite!”